envoy1 [än′voi΄, en′voi]
[Fr envoyé < pp. of envoyer, to send < OFr envoier < en- (L in), in + voie (L via: see VIA), way]
1. a messenger; agent
2. an agent sent by a government or ruler to transact diplomatic business; specif., a diplomat (envoy extraordinary) ranking just below an ambassador
envoy2 [än′voi΄, en′voi]
[ME envoye < OFr envoy, lit., a sending < envoier: see ENVOY1]
a postscript to a poem, essay, or book, containing a dedication, climactic summary, explanation, etc.; specif., a short, concluding stanza of this kind added to a ballade and some other verse forms

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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